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Stand Alone Accounts Receivables


$39/ Per Month
 + $0.29 Per transaction

Quick Books and Xero Intergration


$49/ Per Month

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Ultimate Fraud Protection


$69/ Per Month

 + $0.69 Per transaction

Popular Question

You only need a merchant services account if you want to allow credit card payments through Instant Invoice.

Instant Invoice is compatible with 90% of all Merchant accounts. But if you want to pay rates as low as 0.59% + $0.20 then you can establish an account with Instant Invoice. If you want to use another merchant services account provider, please contact us at info@instantinvoice.com to learn more about how to connect your existing merchant services to Instant Invoice.

Customers have multiple options to make payments.

A customer can make a payment by clicking on the “PAY NOW” button on the email they receive with the invoice. They can log in to the Instant Invoice Customer Portal and look for all outstanding Invoices and make payments. Customers can be directed to your business website where they can follow links we provide to make payments, create their account, or log in. Finally, each merchant can apply payment manually to an invoice if customer calls in to pay.

You will never have to “receive payments” for Invoices on QuickBooks again. Whether the business or the customer makes an electronic payment we will record payment on QuickBooks real time. The customer can pay partial or pay in full. Instant Invoice will show the outstanding balance due if not paid in full. Once Paid in Full, Accounts Receivable will be credited appropriately and a debit is made to the deposit account as an undeposited fund.